Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Magazine Gave Much pain

With this title which I give to understand it is that it seems to me too commercial, that is to say that it does not go deep in the world of hi-fi. This is the first magazine of this subject in which I became partner I maintained and it during a year, until I realized that was too superficial.

Tapeworm too much publicity of music marks, almost never the best ones but known. A pain because this magazine could give but of if. Also I think of her who with as much promotion of marks that does podia cheap merit but, is a magazine that if it exempt the publicity you remain with four interesting leaves. I buy personally it now very of time as soon as, but before I try to read its contents, to see that comparative she brings or what is what they are going to analyze.

I mainly do this because but in one go it has happened to me that I have bought it to me without business it and in the end the substrate of the magazine gave much pain. It is a magazine for business that do not want to know the thorough equipment of music nor components but they want to know simply of the new features and they are wanted to swallow much publicity concealed under analysis.

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