Tuesday, 23 February 2010

About Intelius and their useful services for individuals and businesses

Hello readers, let me talk about Intelius, as one of the innovative websites providing useful and helpful services on the Internet. Whether you are an individual needing to know something you do not know on the Internet, or a business owner looking to purchase the services in the case of improving the business, Intelius may offer you what you need. The services provided and offered at Intelius divided into four categories including Verification Services, Information Services, Protection Services, and Business Services. The Verification Services consists of Background Check, Reverse Phone Lookup, and Property & Neighborhood. The Information Services consists of People Search, Email Search, and Social Net Search. To know other services, you can check out the Intelius website at Intelius.com.


Actually, the services provided at Intelius are also available at many other websites, but I am very interested in talking about Intelius because its senior executive, John Arnold, became the news several weeks ago due to his dishonest-considered testimony that he had never engaged in sex acts with dancers at Rick’s Strip Club in Seattle. Then he was arrested after being indicted on a charge that he had lied about the testimony. But finally, he was released on the conditions that he surrendered his passport and had no contact with potential witnesses.


Besides, one year ago, Intelius was also considered a scam after some complaints from their customers because of the mysterious credit card bills. I found this news at SeattleWeekly.com dated on March 18, 2009. However, I really know that Intelius is a good website aimed to helping individuals and business owners get important information about the backgrounds of pre-employees, helping individuals get protected from identity theft, and many other useful services available. It has been proven by their existence up to now. It means that they really provide the useful and helpful services so that their website is still online and driving more traffic. You can visit their website so that you will know that Intelius.com has a Google Page Rank of 6 and Alexa Rank of 1.170. This is an achievement to prove that their services are worth considering.


Regardless of some cases happening to Intelius, either the cases happened to their co-founder or the cases happened to company itself, we should appreciate for what they have done to help people because in my opinion, they really provide the innovative, informative, and impressive services to help individuals and businesses. Therefore, I invite you to try to appreciate them.

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